The Importance of Good Security Personnel

Never Stop Believing Yourself

In a feature for In-Security, James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), highlighted why it is essential that such professionals be identified for their services and what this could mean for the industry as a whole.

Rewarding the unsung hero

The term un-sung hero is an overused cliche, but like most phrases of this nature, its use can perfectly encapsulate a point that needs to be made. It could be said that many of the top performers in the security industry would fit this bill, as sometimes those who go beyond the call of duty can go unnoticed by both the industry and the public.

To make sure that this is not always the case, BSIA holds an annual event to award security personnel who have gone the extra mile with their work.

Discussing the importance of security personnel, Mr Kelly told InSecurity: “Security continues to play a vital role in safeguarding our nation, and it is exceptional security personnel that help to maintain the industry’s favourable reputation.

“Security officers are the public face of our industry and the standards of professionalism that they embody is key to the development of fruitful customer relationships and growing customer trust in the security industry.”
Protecting employees

Making sure security personnel are well equipped for the task at hand can also be a good way to help them perform. For those who work alone, lone worker security could be a viable solution for security firms looking to protect their employees.

Ensuring that management knows the location of their staff can also be important in terms of productivity and, perhaps more significantly, their employee’s safety.

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