A security officer on duty can often be enough of a deterrent to prevent anyone planning to trespass, become aggressive or cause any other security issues.
At Lionheart Security Management, we undertake manned guarding contracts across the UK and deploy fully licensed, highly trained security officers on single or multiple sites for a diverse range of market sectors and clients.
• National coverage;
• Fully SIA licensed, trained and vetted security officers;
• Comprehensive training;
• Consultative service package;
• Responsive management support;
• Detailed and comprehensive pre and post mobilisation plans.
Lionheart Security Management are an independent security company with vast experience in supplying fire watch officers.
Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower on June 14 2017, the local authorities have been working closely with the Government and fire chiefs to coordinate national efforts, support councils and undertake urgent reviews of high-rise buildings.
We currently work with a number of bodies supplying trained officers for fire watch duties whilst renovations are ongoing to give residents peace of mind that their welfare is at the forefront whilst these critical safety improvements are being made to their homes.
Please contact us to discuss working in partnership in safeguarding your community.
If a fire protection system fails, or there are an excessive number of accidental activations or nuisance alarms, a building owner (or their representative) may be required by the Fire Brigade to provide a fire watch until the system is repaired.
Personnel serving as fire watch have the following duties:
• Conduct periodic patrols of the entire facility as specified.
• Identify any fire, life or property hazards.
• Notify the Fire Brigade if a fire is discovered by calling 9-9-9 with the exact address and type of emergency.
• Notify occupants of the building of the need to evacuate. If the sirens or public address function of the alarm system are still functional, use them both to assist with the evacuation of the building.
• Determine at least one means of direct communication with the Fire Brigade. A telephone is acceptable.
• Maintain a log of Fire Watch activities.
• Have knowledge of the location and use of fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers.
NOTE: The fire watch will not perform fire-fighting duties beyond the scope of the ordinary citizen.
Fire watch personnel should patrol the entire facility every 15 minutes in the following situations:
• The area has people sleeping.
• The area is an institutional occupancy.
• The area is an occupied assembly or educational occupancy.
Occupied buildings that do not meet the requirements for a 15-minute patrol frequency should have a fire watch patrol every 30 minutes.
A fire watch log should be maintained at the building. The log must be available to the Fire Brigade at all times during the fire watch. The log should show the following:
• Address of the building.
• Times that the patrol has completed each tour of the building.
• Name of the person (s) conducting the fire watch.
• Record of the communication(s) to the Fire Brigade and monitoring company.
• Record of other information as directed by Fire Brigade personnel.
Mobile Patrols
Our security officers will arrive at your property in a highly visible, fully liveried vehicle and undertake a full security patrol of your premises at agreed frequencies checking for damage or intrusion. This service includes taking security measures such as locking unsecured windows and doors and preventing potential damage to property by checking for fire and flood hazards.
All visits are undertaken in accordance with BS7499 and are electronically monitored providing an auditable trail of service.
Our Mobile Patrol service can be can be delivered as a standalone function or in conjunction with Key Holding and Assisted Alarm Response.
Our emphasis here at Lionheart Security Management is public safety, this is paramount always. Our Events Security team, including specialised Events Stewards, have been involved in many large scale events that attract huge crowds.
Our focus is creating a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone attending the event. Our highly experienced management team can provide consultation in all areas of your event such as the planning and operational delivery. We can tailor our provisions at any time to suit any of your specific needs. Your Events Security team will all be of a smart and presentable appearance and, of course include our fully trained and experienced Events Stewards.
All personnel are issued with the correct safety clothing and equipment such as waterproofs, Hi-Viz, Protective footwear, Radios and lighting equipment wherever needed.
Due to our consistently high service delivery Lionheart Security Management have established strong relationships with our current clients in the events industry. We are never satisfied at Lionheart Security Management and are always looking to evolve our security services and improve our services in every area possible.
Corporate reception is the obvious statement of security presence in any premises or business and hence it is fundamental that the Security Officers reflect your company image in line with your mission and vision.
Our smartly dressed, well spoken Security Officers who are usually the first persons met by your guest are highly trained to espouse the right professional image for your company. The leave lasting impressions on the guest.
Key Holding Services
Keys are held in a secure environment which is fully compliant with BS7984. In the event of an alarm activation, a fully trained and licensed uniformed security officer will attend your premises.
Upon arrival, they will carry out a security patrol, determine the cause of the alarm, report their findings to our 24 hour National Communications Centre and implement the agreed escalation procedures.
Assisted Alarm Response
Assisted Alarm Response enables your company to retain responsibility of premise keys whilst providing a duty of care to your own designated key holder.
If an alarm is activated, one of our fully trained and licensed security officers will accompany your designated key holder to the property. Upon arrival, the officer will carry out a security patrol looking for signs of an intrusion and take the necessary actions in accordance with your escalation procedures.
Security Systems Integration
Lionheart Security Management understands the wide range of tasks to be undertaken under the Electrical Building Services and we can therefore offer customer defined solutions. We are able to offer Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance.
Lionheart Security Management Design, Supply, Install, Commission and Maintain Integrated Security Systems across the whole of the UK and Europe.
Working closely with market leading manufacturers constantly ensures that we can offer the correct solution based upon customer’s needs. With Technology constantly evolving our close partnerships with the manufacturers are essential to ensure we are offering up to date solutions.
Consideration needs to be applied to the following elements when designing a solution:
Technology Selection either Analogue or IP Network
Transmission Selection either Coaxial, Structured Cabling, Fibre or Wireless
Recording Platforms and scalability
With the rapid industry technological enhancements experienced in recent years, CCTV can form an integral part of an Integrated Security Solution or can remain a standalone solution. Our key focus for the support of Integrated Systems is remote support.
We offer remote support from our Customer Support Centre for specific solutions
Lionheart Planned Maintenance Support:
We offer Planned Maintenance Contracts tailored to meet customer requirements. Preventative Planned Maintenance visits are scheduled in advance, with our tasks clearly outlined, ensuring customer awareness of the support from Lionheart Security Management
Lionheart Reactive Maintenance Support:
We also offer Reactive Maintenance Support for the occasions when issues arise that need urgent attention, outside of the Planned Maintenance Schedule. These Maintenance Requirements can be specifically suited to meet customer requirements for strict response times and out of hour periods.

Lionheart Security Management Ltd works closely with CCTV market leading manufacturers to ensure we are constantly reviewing our CCTV Solutions.
Historically, the style of cameras has been fixed location Static Cameras or Controllable Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras, providing coverage of a selected area. With the technology shift taking CCTV cameras from Analogue Solutions to IP Network Solutions, this has brought great benefits of Mega Pixel Technology. These enhancements have offered new 360 Degree Technology, obtaining high quality images, 360 Degrees around a Fixed Location Camera.
The recording platforms have enhanced as quickly as the camera technology and therefore can match the recording requirements of the cameras on standard platforms. Features like iOS and Android Apps have become built in as standard features, offering even more from a standard solution.
Whist Lionheart Security Management Ltd looks forward at new technology, existing and older technologies need to be respected. We also have a range of products that can utilise existing cabling and CCTV technologies, so we can support historic systems and also have a plan to enhance, in line with Customer requirements.
Access Control Systems
Lionheart Security Management Ltd works closely with Access Control market leading manufacturers to ensure we are constantly reviewing our Access Control Solutions.
Access Control Solutions offer many benefits above the control and release of doors. With the rapid industry technology enhancements, Access Control Software Platforms have commonly become the Central Control Platform for Building Control.
Control of persons entering and moving through buildings, restricting access areas and controlled time zones with the ability to create alerts in the event of unauthorised attempted access. Additional connection of security devices can ensure alerts are created around a full range of events, such as Fire Escape Monitoring.
Intercom solutions using Audio and/or Video ensure the options are open for visitor control. Our Intercom systems can either work as Stand Alone Systems or Integrated into the Access Control System.
Intruder Detection Systems
Lionheart Security Management Ltd works closely with Intruder Detection market leading manufacturers to ensure we are constantly reviewing our Intruder Detection Solutions.
With Technology enhancements made over the last few years, the standard technology that is applied within the product selection has altered. The historic selection to meet design criteria has been for an Alarm System to act as either bells only, or be monitored by a third party monitoring station. To make sure that we are designing systems to the highest standard and future proof with reliability, we specify against the latest advanced equipment.
We have now ensured that we have complete selection of Radio Products. Additionally, we have approved components to our Alarm Systems to send push notification to various Apps as well as remote dial in for functionality to emulate the Keypad from a mobile phone or tablet running iOS or Android.
Lionheart Security Management Ltd has experience with a number of leading manufacturer’s products and therefore can support a number of historical products as site take over.

Alarm Services & Response
Assisted Alarm Response enables your company to retain responsibility of premise keys whilst providing a duty of care to your own designated key holder.
If an alarm is activated, one of our fully trained and licensed security officers will accompany your designated key holder to the property. Upon arrival, the officer will carry out a security patrol looking for signs of an intrusion and take the necessary actions in accordance with your escalation procedures.
Lionheart offer a range of Professional Cleaning Services for Commercial Customers and premises.
• Our highly trained, reliable Cleaners have hundreds of hours of experience to provide you with the cleanliness you are after.
• The team are also trained to provide extensive COVID – 19 cleaning and sanitizing of premises.
• We are able to design befitting cleaning regime to fit the needs of your company.

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